Empty name

by Silent Partner

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released September 25, 1980

Joey Secchiaroli shook a bottle of mustard seeds on "Muezzin & minaret," Steve Padin tapped on the back of an acoustic guitar on "False dawn." Everything else was attempted by R. Anderson Esq.
And Joey did all the recording/mixing/mastering.



all rights reserved


Silent Partner Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

also these sounds: soundcloud.com/remote_viewer

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Track Name: Cities like circuit boards
the moon and high tide like password and countersign imply to me nothing less than a staggering design
the golden mean and galaxies like cities and circuit boards corroborate inherently towards a prevailing order
Track Name: Muezzin and minaret
heart in my body like a muezzin in a minaret keeps sounding out your name like nothing's changed nothing's new it follows the old order and the rhythm of our days centuries and ages are like words on endless pages
heart and it's pull used to feel ephemeral up and down again like the moon and it's tide it seems i was just looking for somewhere that felt like home i guess i never figured it was pattern and not change
Track Name: I'll be the light
you be the waves and i'll be the light the sea will hold and the stars will guide every ship and shifting tide to find their place in the darkest of night
you be the pages and i'll be the sight the words will inspire and the reading will define every symbol and collocate each line and place them softly in context and rhyme
Track Name: Just a whisper
now it's just a whisper used to be a shout whenever something violent or beautiful came out always an idea never quite the act used to be these hands could build now they just react
all these years have lost their way i dream less asleep than i do each day
never facing forward always looking back makes it so much easier to rearrange the facts used to be effusive now you're just restrained you always speak like sisyphus of nothing to be gained
Track Name: Castor and pollux
hand in hand like castor and pollux we'll rise and fall like the sun words cannot save what hands have laid waste no deal with the gods can repair
Track Name: The oaks
tell me there is no one left to meet
the stars have finally found a place to pause
no need for worn out arabesques
the maze their paths have traced betray the only thread back to your heart
and whisper to me like the oaks of dodona
the same old song the constellations sang
calliope could strain herself but nothing could compare
to tales they will tell of us
a strange and endless fare
Track Name: If you feel it now
only move your mouth couldn't make a sound wasted your voice on the words you thought would be profound and if you feel it now you probably won't tomorrow because when the sun goes down you will follow
feels just like the day the City of Glasgow sank beneath the waves lost in the shadows all that's been forgotten words cannot contain and all that you have left is just a picture of the frame
Track Name: Morning glory
all of these years i have wasted time on empty words and useless rhyme i've traded all my hours away on memories of yesterday like sweet susquehanna eyes so deep they could drown wherever i went she was never there waiting i felt like a ship run aground

like a morning glory* rolling in i was waiting all winter wondering where you'd been you came in from the sea stretched over the land horizon long and as fixed as my plans no one could hold you you moved like the wind almost no one knew you or just where you'd been and the fire that burns behind your eyes could empty the oceans and darken the skies and your tongue it was golden but all it would say was thirteen words you would whisper each day: there is a river of melting snow that comes from the mountains above

Track Name: Never sure
thought i could contain the oceans but i was never sure
if they would quite fit in the room of my heart if the waves would force open the door and what if the pull of their tides displaced the careful balance of the looks on my face would it give my desires away that is to say twice daily my lows and my highs would follow the moon and her careful disguise i'm simple and planned ever move of my hand is led by each beat of my heart
Track Name: Take away
take away these hands because they always reach to hold cut glass diamonds and fools gold
take away these feet because they always drag me back toward the things i left behind but never made it past
take away this heart because it's always moving on each morning when i wake my love's already gone
take away these eyes because they're always looking past everything that flourishes towards things that never last
Track Name: Where are the words
where are the words i thought i would say i'll leave them for lost till i find their place far and away and quietly born behind the sun with a side full of thorns
where are the plans i said i would make they've all lost intentions i can't even fake weighed down with time and held in the light their reasons will fade but i'll pretend i still might
Track Name: False dawn
white gold and yellow silver divided up can never be sutured rarer forms might stand beneath you but nothing less could ever inspire false dawn and mock sun held in place would never suit her and what could it possibly matter if i stalled their circular sleepwalk

hollywood and holy water share between them a similar order both attempt but only guess at the things they've tried so hard to replace